Think Tank - Looking Over the Horizon, where to next for the Australian health system?

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Venue: Rydges on Swanston, 701 Swanston Street
Date: 12 April 2016 9:00am to 12 April 2016 05:00pm

The Australian health system has been under close scrutiny with a number of Government reviews aiming to reform the delivery and funding of healthcare services. But with so much attention focused on the system we currently have, what of the challenges likely to be faced in healthcare just over the horizon, in the near future but beyond usual planning timeframes?

The think tank provided an opportunity for guests attending to hear presentations from those within the health sector, to talk to experts, hear about insights and opinions from our panel presenters, and contribute to a discussion about how to work together towards challenges likely to be faced in healthcare just over the horizon.

A communique from the day can be found here.

Presentations from the day:

  • At the Heart of a Fully Intergrated Health Care System: Health and Medical Research
    Dr Sarah Meachem, President, Australian Society for Medical Reearch.
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  • How Should We Balance the Use of High and Low Cost Technological Solutions in Healthcare?
    Martin Haigh, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
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    View the "Virtual Nurse" video referenced in the presentation
  • Changing Demographics and Emerging Technologies: Where to next for dementia care?
    Kathy Bell, Policy Adviser, Alzheimer's Australia
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  • Health Workforce - Diving into the Unknown
    Nigel Fidgeon, Chief Executive Officer, Merri Community Health Service
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  • Will We Have the Right Skills and Culture When We Need It?
    Therese Tierney, Chief Executive Officer, Bairnsdale Regional Health Service
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  • The Community Based Workforce
    Annette Owttrim, GM - Health Solutions, Aspen Medical
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  • Shared Decision Making and Health Literacy: Oppertunities and Challenges
    Professor Kirsten McCaffery, University of Sydney
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  • Pathways to Participation
    Danny Vadasz, Chief Executive Officer, Health Issues Centre
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  • A Different Way to Pay
    Associate Professor Christopher Carter
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  • Pursuing a Cross Sector Imperative for Australia's Health System
    Dr Bronwyn Morkham, National Director, Young People in Nursing Homes National Alliance
    Bronwyn gave an oral presentation without slides
  • Bringing Data and Finance Together to Create High Quality, High Value Health Care Markets
    Dr Paul Nicolarakis, Chief Executive Officer, Lorica Health
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