Town Hall: Blueprint for a Post-2020 National Health Agreement

Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
Venue: Old Parliament House
Date: 07 March 2018 9:15am to 07 March 2018 04:00pm

AHHA National Council members and Australian health leaders are invited to participate in our Blueprint Town Hall in Canberra where we will seek your input into the development of case studies to be used to support our advocacy on the implementation of the blueprint’s recommendations by governments.

On 18 December 2017 the AHHA released Healthy people, healthy systems, a solid blueprint for a post-2020 national health agreement with a range of short, medium and long term recommendations on how to reorientate our healthcare system to focus on patient outcomes and value rather than throughput and vested interests.

With your input and expertise, AHHA will produce a number of case studies that will point to current practice in the Australian health system that are exemplars of:

  1. a nationally unified and regionally controlled health system that puts patients at the centre
  2. performance information and reporting that is fit for purpose
  3. a health workforce that exists to serve and meet population health needs
  4. funding that is sustainable and appropriate to support a high quality health system

Following the Town Hall, AHHA National Council members and health leaders will have the opportunity to advocate at the grassroots for the implementation of the blueprint’s recommendations with their local Member of Parliament and Senators armed with the blueprint, supportive case studies and AHHA’s Health Sector Advocacy Handbook.

We encourage our members, National Council members and National Board members to advocate at the grassroots to help transform Australia’s public healthcare system for the better. Speaking with elected representatives one-on-one, you are a reliable health expert able to help your local Member of Parliament and Senators understand the health issues affecting their constituents and electorates, and you are able to encourage them to speak with the Prime Minister, the Health Minister and the Treasurer on how government can implement the blueprint’s recommendations for outcomes-focused and value-based healthcare.

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AHHA Council Meeting

The Town Hall will be followed by a meeting of AHHA's council. This will commence immedately following the Town Hall and conclude by 5pm.