Webinar: Beyond the posters - obligations to prevent, eliminate and minimise bullying

Venue: Online
Date: 26 August 2021 12:30pm to 26 August 2021 01:30pm

In the last few years, we have seen a proliferation of posters put up in our favourite restaurants, cafes and bars, our post offices, our government services, hospital and health care providers. The owners and leaders of our workplaces—from our offices and local businesses to our national chain supermarkets—all have one clear, unwavering message: We have a zero-tolerance for bullying, aggression and bad behaviour. It is commendable …sadly even necessary. But is it enough? 
While expanded by COVID, these posters began popping up on counters and walls well before the pandemic as a direct response to the continued bad treatment of front-line professionals across Australia. But the increasing prevalence of bullying and harassment tells us that a simple poster with an expectation of courtesy and respect is not enough to protect our people and keep them safe. 
So how do we keep our people safe, and, moreover, what legislative obligations and basic duty of care do our leaders have to keep us safe at work?
In this webinar, we speak with Martyn Campbell, the Chair of the Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities, about Safe Work Australia’s latest national guidelines launched in February of this year—aimed directly at the prevention of bad behaviours. The legislation is about more than posters, policies, talk of zero-tolerance, and swift handling of complaints. It now requires organisations to take a deliberate focus on preventing workplace harassment and aggression. 
Explicitly, the Safe Work guidelines call on CEOs and people-leaders across Australia to use resources and processes to prevent and manage the risk of psychologically harmful incidents in the workplace. In response, the AHHA is bringing members a solution. The Bully Zero Foundation, the national leaders in bullying education and awareness, has designed a comprehensive package of supports that give hospital and health care organisations a way to achieve their zero-tolerance ambitions and have their brand recognised for doing so. It equips leaders to go beyond the poster and implement genuine behaviour-change and communication-skilling that works to prevent, eliminate and minimise workplace bullying and harm. 
Join us in this national movement to keep our people safe, valued and respected at work. 


Martyn Cambell is the Chair of Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities, Chief Executive of Safework South Australia and Deputy Chair of UniSA's Centre for Workplace Excellence Advisory Board.

Leanne Drew-McKain is the founder and CEO of Coach. A leading communication coach and entrepreneur, Leane is highly regarded for her unique ability to build organisational communication culture and for her suite of culture-change programs that have forged a new and needed place in the business marketplace.

Watch a recording of this webinar here: https://youtu.be/ngCUjyFTky4