Webinar: Chief Evolutionary Officers – what it takes to create patient centred, team based care in general practice

Venue: webinar
Date: 01 December 2020 1:00pm to 01 December 2020 02:00pm

Health is created and sustained when a complex web of biological, lifestyle, economic and environmental factors work positively for the person concerned.  In Inala, Queensland’s poorest suburb, the social determinants of health mean that patients have more than twice the national average rates of diabetes and significantly higher rates of cancer, COPD, CVD and mental health diagnoses.  The patient population at Inala Primary Care has 93% more people using 5 or more medications than the regional average.  Keeping patients with such multi-morbidity well and doing it sustainably, is a team effort.  This webinar charts this practice’s decade long journey from being a tiny provider with just three full-time equivalent GPs to a multi-disciplinary, award winning team utilising the skills of 48 people each month. 


Tracey Johnson, CEO of Inala Primary Care.
Tracey is a Churchill Fellow, Fellow of AAPM, Deputy Chair of the AIHW Primary Care Advisory Committee and member of the Health Care Homes Evaluation Working Group.  She is an active health service researcher with a passion for social justice.  Tracey delivers workshops across the country on topics related to reforming health systems to create more patient centred delivery.  To support this drive, Tracey co-founded Cubiko, a software company which provides dashboards to practice teams to enable improved performance.

Dr Sue Williams, Director of Clinical Services, IPC
Sue is a GP and Clinical Leader with deep interests in complex and chronic disease care.  Sue has co-founded three integrated models of care with hospital partners and spearheaded the creation of practice systems which enable provision of “right care, right time, right place, right provider”.  She is a passionate advocate for team based care and hopes to increase this focus through her recent appointment to the Clinical Advisory Committee of BSPHN.

Chris Bowering, Nurse Manager, IPC
Chris is an experienced primary care clinician with a career spanning many countries and clinical environments.  She has worked in the Inala community in nursing roles for nearly 20 years.  She has delivered nurse led care and been part of teams of care providing supports to a wide variety of patients with chronic diseases. 

Watch this webinar online at: https://youtu.be/WvF48E-H2Xc.