Webinar: Implementing value based healthcare procurement and contracts in the UK and Europe

Venue: webinar
Date: 24 June 2019 7:00pm to 24 June 2019 08:00pm

The Australian Centre for Value-Based Health Care is pleased to present a webinar with Robert McGough, Partner at Hill Dickinson LLP, discussing "Implementing value based healthcare procurement and contracts in the UK and Europe".

Rob's presentation will review the experience of the UK and Europe on the adoption of more outcomes and value based models including challenges and case studies in areas where this has been implemented and the lessons learned.

About Robert McGough

Robert McGough is a Partner at Hill Dickinson LLP. He focuses on Health Sector legal commercial and contractual issues for NHS/public sector organisations as well as independent providers both from the UK and internationally.

Rob has a particular focus on value-based contracting and procurement by supporting the development of pioneering value-based approaches for NHS Wales as well as clients in Sweden and the Netherlands. He has also delivered training on the potential for new value-based models to several multinational healthcare organisations.

About the Australian Centre for Value-Based Health Care

Established by the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association, the Australian Centre for Value-Based Health Care is a new initiative which aims to act as a nexus for the growing value-based health care movement in Australia, bringing together educational and training opportunities, quality research and best practice case studies in an easily accessible hub.

The Centre aims to:

  • increase knowledge and understanding of the principles of value-based health care
  • build the skills required to successfully implement value-based health care
  • influence public policy to enable the transition to value-based health care, focused on outcomes and patient-centred models of care and supported by innovative funding models
  • curate and share best practice examples, theory and research on value-based health care
  • be recognised as the Australian thought leadership organisation for value-based health care

Further the Centre aspires to encourage collaboration, building a network of people and organisations working to improve health care in Australia through value-based activities.

For more information visit valuebasedcareaustralia.com.au