Webinar: Improving the Patient Experience - How to develop a Strategy by using Data and Digital Solutions to Advance Person-Centered Care

Date: 26 July 2019 12:30pm to 26 July 2019 01:30pm

Many health and care services are seeking to improve their patient experience (PX) and consumer engagement but are challenged in doing so. Some providers are measuring experiences in real-time, however while they are drowning in data, they are still starved of wisdom. In parallel, patients and carers are increasingly valuing empathetic care and a seamless, integrated journey. 

Managers and leaders of the patient experience need to understand their current PX status and capability to know how to develop, deliver and evolve strategies for PX improvement.  Alongside the regulatory requirements of Standard 2: Partnering with Patients PX leaders need to use data-driven approaches to system and culture improvement.


  • Learn about practical methodologies, tools and case studies to help managers understand step by step how to improve 'what matters most' to their patients and staff in an era of value-based care, rising consumer expectations and varying PX maturity in organisations.
  • Learn specific, innovative techniques to engage patients and improve patient centred-care.
  • Get tips, tools and actions to address three significant issues in the patient experience movement - leadership engagement, staff engagement and clinician burnout.
  • Learn about customised actions to enable effective and efficient improvement of patient experience, in line with the Quadruple Aims.


Dr. Avi Ratnanesan is the Chief Executive Officer of Energesse, a leading firm that specialises in healthcare strategy that innovates business and funding models, patient experience & health outcomes. As the CEO of Energesse and expert consultant, he has led projects working with PHNs, hospitals, health insurers, healthcare companies and the public sector across the US, UK and Australia.  

Dr Avi is regularly featured in the media and a high rated international keynote speaker. He has presented his views at conferences in World Congress of Prevention & Wellness, Patient Experience Symposium, Health Insurance Summit, Healthcare Analytics Summit and the Patient Experience Summit.