Webinar: Searching for Value in Mental Health Care Delivery

Venue: Online
Date: 31 March 2021 1:00pm to 31 March 2021 02:00pm

The Australian Centre for Value-Based Health Care is proud to bring you the next webinar in our series: Searching for Value in Mental Health Care Delivery with Associate Professor Louise Stone and Professor Christine Phillips from the Australian National University.  

Service delivery for people with mental illness and distress currently accounts for 7.5% of the Australian healthcare budget. There is also evidence that there is profound inequity in mental health care delivery, with the most vulnerable members of the community receiving one fifth of the mental health services.  Australia has a relatively diverse and distributed system for delivering mental health care, with Commonwealth-subsidised specialised services, primary care practitioners, and mental health practitioners, other services funded through states and territories and private practitioners direct-contracted by consumers.  The challenges for any practitioner, and any person with an evolving mental illness, is establishing what constitutes value for that person, and how that may intersect with what constitutes value for the health system.  In this talk, two clinicians discuss this intersection - the sweet spot for policymakers - and critically explore strategies to deliver person-centred value within a sustainable, responsive health system.


Louise Stone

Louise Stone is Associate Professor of Social Foundations of Medicine, Australian National University and a practising GP. She has clinical, research, teaching and policy expertise in mental health and sits on the General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration. She is currently completing a Masters of Science in Healthcare Transformation at the University of Texas.  

Christine Phillips AM

Christine Phillips AM is Professor of Social Foundations of Medicine, Australian National University, and a practising GP.  She is the Medical Director of Companion House Medical Service, the ACT's refugee health care service, and has worked in complex mental health care in primary health settings for 25 years. 

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