Webinar: Strengthening Medicare: how do we redefine the roles of primary and acute care to drive value for people, communities and the system?

Venue: Online
Date: 29 March 2023 7:00pm to 29 March 2023 08:00pm

Around the world, the presence of a hospital is often considered the symbol of access to healthcare. Any suggestion of a closure attracts community outcry and becomes the focus of political campaigns.

There is clear evidence that much care would be better provided out of hospital. This has been aided by a rapid expansion in technology that enables care to be provided differently. Yet any shift in how health care is provided is not straightforward, and there can be a cascading impact on other services and the community that must be considered.

How do we set the conversation to be about achieving the health outcomes and care experiences that matter, for individuals and communities? How do we as a system, invest in the infrastructure for improving those health outcomes and experiences? How do we build trust within the community to provide reassurance that restructures are not just about cost cutting?

With these questions in mind, around 15 years ago, Denmark took to restructuring its health system. The role of hospital was redefined to focus on highly specialised services, with primary care, health centres and outpatient clinics becoming the mainstay of services. 

Hans Erik Henriksen, Former CEO of Healthcare Denmark, joins us to discuss the experience of restructuring Denmarks health system. 

Join us, and a panel of leaders from across the health system, to discuss the opportunities for embracing, and the pitfalls to avoid, as Australia takes on the challenge of ‘Strengthening Medicare’.


Hans Erik Henriksen - Former CEO Healthcare Denmark

Dr Rob Grenfell - Chief Strategy and Regions Officer Grampians Health

Leanne Wells -  Director, 89 degrees east

Olivia Pantelidis - Executive Director Strategy and Planning, Victorian Department of Health

Kylie Woolcock -  CEO of the AHHA

Facilitated by Jeremy Knibbs - Wild Health

Upcoming Wild Health Summit

Following this webinar, an upcoming Wild Health Healthcare leaders summit in Canberra will look at the issues discussed in this webinar in further detail, including a workshop and several panels featuring Hans Erik Henriksen, and a host of other leading Australian experts, including Stephen Duckett (Medicare Taskforce), Dr Nicole Higgins (RACGP president), Dr Danielle McMullen (AMA vice president), Jay Rebbeck (leading co commissioning consultant), Ray Messon (CEO Wentwest), Elizabeth Koff (CEO Telstra Health and immediate past NSW Health Secretary) and many more.

You can view the full agenda and speakers on the Wild Health website. If you would like to attend, participants of this webinar can use this promo code on the registration tab – AHHA1 – to receive a 10% discount on any ticket type.