Federal Election 2016

As Australians prepare to elect the 45th Commonwealth Parliament, the AHHA calls on all candidates to commit to working together for a healthy Australia supported by the best possible health system. This page will provide full access to the AHHA's advocacy throughout the 2016 Federal Election campaign, including our Election Statement, media releases and rating of the major parties' health policies.

The AHHA encourages its members to advocate at the grassroots for universal, high quality and affordable healthcare to benefit the whole community. Members are encouraged to make use of AHHA's Health Sector Advocacy Handbook as a guide.

AHHA Election Health Policy Scorecard

AHHA and a broad cross of invited health professionals undertook a detailed analysis of publicly announced health policies and information provided to AHHA by the major national parties, to develop a scorecard of their health policies. All major national parties were invited to provide details on their health policies to address seven domains being:

  • A  commitment to universal healthcare principles
  • A commitment to long-term sustainable funding
  • Policies to support integration
  • A commitment to preventive care
  • A commitment to quality outcomes
  • Policies to support innovation
  • A commitment to working with the states and territories
The resulting scorecard, along with the policies which were analysed to create it, can be found below.   The inital scorecard was published on 20 June 2016 with a revised scorecard published on 29 June 2016.

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