Health Care Transformation Leadership Program

The Health Care Transformation Leadership Program is a collaboration program between the Australian Centre for Value-Based Healthcare, the Australian National University and the Value Institute for Health & Care at the University of Texas in Austin. This is the first time an education program focused on value-based health care has been offered in Australia.

This program involves four different learning opportunities including online tutorials, a two-day workshop, facilitated learning sets and tailored mentoring programs. This program will build skills and knowledge of health services leaders, managers, clinicians and patients to successfully lead change and deliver high-value health care in Australia.

You can watch the Health Care Transformation Leadership Program Launch and Q&A here

You can also find a Q&A fact sheet and the powerpoints slides attached at the bottom of this page. 

Interactive Leadership Rounds

  • Six 90-minute web-based leadership rounds presented by the Value Institute, contextualised to the Australian setting, commencing July 2020.
  • What is value? What are outcomes?
  • Creating value for patients and families
  • Measuring what matters
  • Leading teams towards transformation
  • Evaluating costs for strategic decision-making
  • Scaling pilots across the health system

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Workshop: Measuring Outcomes That Matter

Face-to-face workshop presented by the Value Institute in Perth in March 2021. Focusing on how to measure outcomes, including designing care differently, knowing when outcomes have improved, and when to redefine outcomes.

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Learning sets

An extension program led by an experienced leader in value-based health care with expert guest speakers. Facilitated group sessions (4 x 2 days) will complement the interactive leadership rounds and provide a supportive environment for Australian-focused discussion, where participants can raise real problems, difficult questions and discuss sensitive issues.

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Tailored Mentoring Program

A tailored mentoring program to support organisations implementing value-based health programs, led by our expert panel of mentors. Email for more information.

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