Healthcare after COVID-19

COVID-19 has created new opportunities to reconstruct our health care system in ways that were rarely possible during ordinary times. Building this new reality will require accelerating the positive transformations we have made during the pandemic, undertaking some fundamentally new ones, and determining which of the activities we have stopped that we should not resume. 

Australian healthcare after COVID-19: An opportunity to think differently maps out the steps we should be taking now, to address the challenges and vulnerabilities within the Australian health system that have been exposed during this ongoing national healthcare emergency.  

The future of Australian healthcare should not be defined by our challenges, but by the way we respond to them…

  • A fair and healthy Australia
  • Trusted health stewardship
  • Patients at the centre
  • Health care transformed
  • Evolving workforce
  • From volume to value
  • Resources managed
  • Informed by evidence

Understanding what matters to people, and how the Australian healthcare system can innovatively respond is a good place to start.