Social Worker Clinical Lead

North West Hospital and Health Service, QLD |

The Social Work clinical lead role delivers advanced level clinical Social Work services applying advanced level of skills and knowledge across the broad continuum of health care. You will manage operational aspects of a multidisciplinary team, providing clinical practice supervision and leadership to Social Work Department staff and Indigenous Liaison staff in a rural and remote location. You will have an opportunity to deliver Social Work and Indigenous Liaison services to stakeholders/customers of the North West Hospital and Health Service.  Additionally, you will provide strategic direction with relation to Social Work services and Indigenous Health to the North West Hospital and Health Service. You will lead a team that actively contributes to patient safety by following policies, procedures and protocols of the North West Hospital and Health Service. You will have an opportunity to support continued improvement of health services by always participating in quality improvement opportunities and excel in patient safety by active contribution to a framework of sound clinical governance.

Skills and Experience:

You will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate the following key capabilities, knowledge and experience. Within the context of the responsibilities described above under ‘Your Role’, the ideal applicant will be someone who can demonstrate the following:

  • Clinical Expertise- Demonstrated specialist-level knowledge, expertise and skills in contemporary clinical practice standards in Social Work.
  • Communication- Demonstrated ability to provide advice to senior managers and other stakeholders on Social Work service needs.
  • Clinical Ability- Demonstrated ability to apply evidence-based principles to facilitate novel, complex Social Work or multidisciplinary clinical decisions.
  • Operational Management - Demonstrated ability to provide day-to-day operational management, undertake performance appraisal and initiate quality improvement activities.
  • Leadership- Demonstrated ability to provide leadership through guiding strategic direction and ensuring a high standard of practice in a team.
  • Cultural Capability-Demonstrated knowledge and skill in cultural matters and ability to lead a team of Indigenous personnel providing liaison services in a health context.
  • Resilience- Demonstrated ability to be resilient and maintain a professional composure within a dynamic and, at times, somewhat chaotic environment that can be very stressful.

To apply:

Email – or view the job on Smart Jobs

Starting date: 
Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Closing date: 
Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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