Lean Healthcare Belt Levels

The Lean Healthcare Belt system reflects the level of skill and knowledge that is developed at each stage.

It is not always neccessary to work your way up through each level.  Your existing experience and knowledge and the role you will play in implementing Lean in your organisation will determine which level is best for you. The following 2 minute video describes the five stages of Lean Belts - white, yellow, green, black and master black belt - to help you identify the appropriate level for your needs.

 White Belt

The Lean Healthcare White Belt is a 1-day instructor-led program that provides participants with a basic introduction and awareness of Lean Thinking and benefits both themselves and the organization through the successful implementation of Lean principles.

For those that want to know more about Lean and how it might benefit their organisation

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 Yellow Belt

The Lean Healthcare Yellow Belt can be delivered either online or as an instructor led program. The online Lean Healthcare Yellow Belt is a self-paced program that provides participants with an overview of the basic principles of Lean Thinking and outlines the essential Lean tools and practices that can be applied within a healthcare organisation to increase service efficiency and quality, improve satisfaction and reduce waste.

The program includes video tutorials on six topics as well as required readings. Participants undertake an interactive case study whereby they apply the concepts taught in a real world healthcare scenario.

The program is typically completed in 4-8 weeks with final assessment based on a  multiple choice examination.  The program can also be delivered in a classroom setting over 2 days.

For those who want to actively particpate in Lean projects

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Green Belt

The Lean Healthcare Green Belt can be delivered either online or as an instructor led program.  The online Lean Healthcare Green Belt program provides participants with a comprehensive overview of Lean thinking and its effective application in healthcare. The program develops staff to a point where they are competent in leading continuous improvement initiatives independently.

The program is typically completed in 3-6 months.   Assessment consists of the implementation of a project within the participant’s workplace and an on-line examination. Project undertaken as part of the course target realisable savings in the order of $40,000.

The program can also be delivered in a classroom setting where an organisation registers a minimum of 10 participants at one time.

For those who will lead implemntation of Lean projects in  their work area.

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The below video shows Janine LeFort, Education Coordinator with the Leading Edge Group, discussing what is involved in the Lean Green Belt Program. 


 Black Belt

The distance learning Lean Healthcare Black Belt program is aimed at professionals in the healthcare sector who have overall responsibility for quality or continuous improvement within their organisation and also those who will play a key role in implementing Lean deployment.

Participants gain the appropriate process improvement, leadership and project management skills to drive the changes that are necessary for a sustainable Lean transformation. Black Belts are responsible for managing and tracking multiple Lean projects; providing internal coaching and mentoring and coordinating Lean strategy with senior management

Assessment incorporates the submission of module assignments and the implementation of a facility-wide project that targets savings in the order of $100,000 

For those that will lead and coordinate Lean projects across their organisation

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For more information email info@leadingedgegroup.com