‘Yes’ to marriage equality, ‘yes’ to greater wellbeing for LGBTIQ people

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

‘Today’s marriage equality survey result shows Australians are committed to ending discrimination and supporting greater wellbeing for all Australians, and we now call on the Australian Government to pass the required legislation as quickly as possible’, says Alison Verhoeven, Chief Executive of the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA).

‘We also urge all politicians not to be distracted or bend to any pressure to water down current anti-discrimination protections.

‘To do so will only replace one form of marginalisation of LGBTIQ people—the right to marry—with another.

‘At AHHA we are pleased that our Position Statement on Marriage Equality and Health, which highlights the overall health benefits of all healthy, safe and respectful relationships, including marriage, is now closer to legal reality for same-sex couples who wish to take that step.

‘Bringing an end to the negative impacts of marriage inequality, and marriage denial, on the health of LGBTIQ people is an important step towards greater wellbeing for all Australians.

‘The “minority stress” experienced by LGBTIQ people in the struggle for validation and social acceptance is one step closer to being lifted’, Ms Verhoeven said.

‘There is now no reason for further delay or harmful debate on this, and we urge the Parliament to introduce and pass the necessary legislation by the end of the year, as promised.’

(LGBTIQ = Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer)


For more information on the AHHA, visit http://ahha.asn.au.

The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association is the national peak body for public and not-for-profit hospitals, community and primary healthcare services.

Media enquiries: Alison Verhoeven, Chief Executive, Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association, 0403 282 501