2016 Election priority: Healthy Australia with best possible health system

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) has called for all candidates in the 2016 federal election to commit to working together for a healthy Australia supported by the best possible health system.

“A priority for the incoming 45th Commonwealth Parliament must be to ensure that our health system provides affordable, accessible quality care to all Australians, both now and into the future” AHHA Chief Executive Alison Verhoeven said.

“The Commonwealth has a vital leadership role to play in supporting better integrated and coordinated patient-centred care across the primary, acute, aged and disability care sectors.”

Australia’s healthcare system consistently outperforms other OECD countries when comparing key health indicators and costs, but burdens such as an ageing population, increased rates of chronic and complex disease, and new medical technologies and treatments, are presenting new challenges and increasing the cost of care.

The AHHA calls on all candidates to commit to an innovative patient-centred health system founded in well-resourced prevention and primary care, and integrated effectively with the hospital sector, universal healthcare principles, and long-term sustainable funding.

“Maintaining the status quo and tinkering around the edges of system reform will not provide the future-proofed health system that Australians expect and deserve. Now is the time to rethink traditional approaches and bring our 20th century health system firmly into the 21st century.

“All parties must work constructively to achieve an effective contemporary healthcare system supporting a healthy Australia. Healthcare is a top priority for Australians and must be a top priority for our elected representatives,” Ms Verhoeven said.

Media enquiries:
Alison Verhoeven
Chief Executive, The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association
0403 282 501