AHHA endorses AHMC outcomes

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association endorses the outcomes of the Australian Health Ministers’ Conference announced today.

The AHHA is the peak national body representing public hospitals, area health services, community health centres and public aged care providers.

In particular, the AHHA congratulates Health Ministers’ in their commitment to rationalise health data collections and reporting. 

The AHHA has been advocating for such action in the context of the National Health Reforms.  This was a major recommendation of senior health professionals attending the Associations’ recent ground-breaking Simulation event which road-tested implementation of the Health Reforms. 

“It is critical that data collections add value to health services, rather than simply generating extra red tape and non-essential reporting requirements”, said Prue Power, Executive Director of the AHHA. 

“To this end, Governments must establish collaborative and transparent mechanisms for data sharing and linking of patient data.

“They should also place more emphasis on the timeliness of data for analysis and ensure better quality and availability of performance reports”, she said. 

The Association also supported the emphasis on improving safety and quality, demonstrated by two new measures.

Firstly, Ministers have approved public reporting of information relating to safety and quality of patient care via the MyHospitals website.  Initially (from October), information about rates of Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteraemia (SAB) infections in hospitals will be published.  Over time this will be supplemented with hospital readmission rates.  Not only does this provide critical information for the community, it also assists providers to compare their performance with peers, providing an incentive to improve if necessary.

Secondly, by supporting national action on reducing inappropriate use of antibiotics and other antimicrobials, Governments are ensuring a consistent standard for health services in all states - essential to curb the growth of bacteria resistant to these mediations.

For further information/comment:  Ms Prue Power 0417 419 857