World Hospital Congress ‘Design Jam’—bring your skills, open mind and desire for healthcare solutions

Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Design Jam will be held today in Brisbane at the 2018 World Hospital Congress to create innovative solutions to healthcare problems.

‘A Design Jam is not unlike a musical jam session’, said Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association Chief Executive Alison Verhoeven.

‘People come together, bringing their own instruments, skills and open minds. A theme is set up and people start to ‘jam’ around that theme. Before long something is created that none of you alone could do.’

‘The same sort of thing happens in a Design Jam in finding solutions to healthcare problems—someone puts up a thorny and seemingly intractable problem in healthcare, people play around with dissecting the problem from several different perspectives, others react to that, and fire things back with additional ideas for solutions.‘

‘Together you create something even better than what was there previously, and so on. The end product is a creative plan or set of achievable solutions,’ Ms Verhoeven said.

The Design Jam will be led by representatives from the Nous Group, an Australian management consulting firm with specialist digital and health sector experience, and Hacking Health Queensland, part of a global movement working to improve healthcare by breaking down barriers to innovation and bringing diverse stakeholder groups together.

‘The Design Jam at the World Hospital Congress will focus on designing solutions that change outcomes for people. The premise is that ideas on their own won’t do that’, said Nous Group Principal Kirsty Elderton.

‘We will have teams that draw together a range of expertise to work on problems such as how to better manage patients’ quality of life post-discharge from hospital, and reduce re-admissions.

‘We’ll be looking at ways to make hospital care and chronic disease management more human-centred, empowering patients to be in control of their own health.

‘We’ll also be looking at how to address high rates of stress and burnout among doctors to support greater wellbeing and continued provision of quality care in a demanding healthcare environment’, Ms Elderton said.

‘Attendees will receive a toolkit, a set of methods and a wealth of experience to help them explore health issues in ways that can cut through to action’, Hacking Health Queensland co-founder Jason Lowe said.

‘Committed and creative multi-disciplinary teams make a difference, and today’s Design Jam brings together bright and curious thinkers from across the health sector to turn ideas into action.’

‘To help empower a diversity of health stakeholders and experts to contribute ideas and evidence in the Design Jam we’ve partnered with local QUT start-up BetterBeliefs, whose social platform will be made open to World Hospital Congress attendees.

Hacking Health Queensland co-founders Angela Dalke and Dr Kara Burns said the Design Jam was ‘a fantastic opportunity for attendees to build capability in human-centred design, while connecting with peers to solve real problems.’

The Design Jam runs all day from 9 am to 5 pm, with ‘pitches’ presented from 5.30–6.30 pm.

More information on the Congress is available here

The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) is the national peak body for public and not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare providers in Australia.

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