Our advocacy is based on evidence-informed policy.

AHHA’s position statements cover the broad range of issues affecting Australia’s health system. They are developed in consultation with our membership, which includes state health departments, Local Hospital Networks and public hospitals, community health services, Primary Health Networks and primary healthcare providers, aged care providers, universities, individual health professionals and academics.

In this section you will find links to AHHA’s position statements, reports and policy issues grouped under the following categories.

AHHA Policy

Healthy People

Our vision for a healthy Australia includes individuals and communities having improved self-reported rates of health and wellbeing.

Healthy Systems

Our vision for a healthy Australia requires health leadership that is innovative, dedicated to improving outcomes for communities.

Health Services

Our vision for a healthy Australia includes health services that are truly integrated and connected.

Data and Reporting

Our vision for a healthy Australia includes real-time, linked data, including self-care, primary, community and hospital care data being utilised to understand individual and population health needs.


Our vision for a healthy Australia requires the health workforce being flexible, competent and working to the top of their scope of practice, participating actively in the design and delivery of health services.


The Australian healthcare system needs to be appropriately funded in a sustainable and durable way, providing certainty for longer-term funding arrangements for the Commonwealth and the states and territories.

AHHA Advocacy

As the voice of public health, the AHHA provides:

  • strong advocacy before Australian governments
  • an independent respected and knowledgeable voice in the media
  • a valued voice in inquiries and Parliamentary committees

AHHA ensures that research and evidence underpin all advocacy, policy and media activities.

The AHHA meets regularly with Ministers and senior department officials at the federal, state and territory level ensuring that members’ issues are raised directly with the policy makers.

While AHHA is known as the voice of public health, it is our members who give strength and body to that voice.

AHHA encourages its members across Australia to advocate at the grassroots. Our members play an important role in transforming Australia’s public healthcare system for the better.

AHHA assists its members by maintaining a suite of publicly available policy position statements on a wide range of topics.

AHHA encourages members to contact the Secretariat Office to discuss ideas for national advocacy campaigns or to seek support for local advocacy activities.

Use AHHA’s Health Sector Advocacy Handbook as a convenient reference to fully inform and equip yourself as you advocate for universal, high quality and affordable healthcare to benefit the whole community.