The 2022 John Deeble Lecture

The 2022 John Deeble Lecture

2 November 2022

While the impact of the pandemic on the healthcare workforce has yet to be fully realised, managing the transition of the workforce to new and different ways of working on a permanent basis will be essential to ensuring a health workforce that is agile, valued and supported. This change will require a focus on community and patients, clarity of roles, communication, education, and training; as well as strong clinical governance and mechanisms that support coordination and integration.

In this, 2nd Deeble Lecture, ‘Australia’s health workforce: A future looking perspective,’ Mr Michael Brennan, Chair Productivity Commission, considers health workforce related policy measures that are required to ensure the most appropriate workforce meets prevailing needs.

The Lecture was followed by a panel discussion reflecting on the complexities of the health workforce and the way we manage and set health workforce policy in Australia.

Deeble Institute Perspective Brief No. 25: The 2022 John Deeble Lecture

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