The GPLO National Conference was made possible with the support of a number of generous sponsors:

Alzheimer's Australia ACT

Alzheimer’s Australia ACT represents the interests of people living with dementia in the Australian Capital Territory. We provide a comprehensive range of services including advice, counselling, education and support for people impacted by dementia.


Armchair Medical

Put your education into the hands of more GPs

It can be difficult to get GPs to attend face to face education events or watch webinars. Armchairmedical can help you reach more GPs with your existing programs.

The new free armchairmedical iPad and iPhone app will be made available to all GPLO delegates at the GPLO conference and already contains over 600 locally recorded GP CPD lectures. Download the app from the iPhone app store during the conference and try it for yourself. We can partner with you to record and push your lecture content to GPs throughout your catchment area.

BOQ Specialist

BOQ Specialist delivers distinctive banking products for niche professional segments. Our broad range of personal and business banking products and services include everyday banking and savings accounts, credit cards, residential mortgages, practice purchase and fit-out loans, car loans, SMSF commercial loans and investment property loans. Our approach is characterised by responsive personal service, unconventional thinking, and an ability to be nimble, flexible and innovative.

For more information, call 1300 131 141 or visit boqspecialist.com.au


Since 1987, HESTA has been serving those working in the health and community services sector. For more than 25 years we’ve been working to inform you about your options — so you can live well in retirement.We now have more than 800,000 members and $32 billion in assets.

With HESTA’s solid history of strong long-term returns, a focus on super education and access to limited financial advice, we help you take an active role in building your savings for retirement. We talk to you in plain language, using real-life examples that are relevant to your life and experiences.

As an industry super fund, HESTA has low fees and exists only to benefit you. And, with client relationship managers, superannuation advisers and member education managers in every state and territory, HESTA is a truly national fund. For more information about HESTA, visit hesta.com.au or call us on 1800 813 327.


KinCare is the largest, privately owned, in-home care and support service in Australia providing a range of aged care, health and disability services. Established in 1991 and founded in NSW, KinCare operates across most states and territories of Australia delivering care to more than 10,000 customers.






mi-Clinic provides medical transcriptions, rooms for hire and virtual receptionists to medical specialists all across Australia. We have round-the-clock dedicated transcribers, friendly reception staff and the latest, robust technology – and quadruple ISO accreditation – so you know you’ll get the best quality service and exceptional security every time.

For more information, call 1300 642 546 or visit mi-clinic.com.au