Supplement - Enabling Person Centred, Team Based Care

Enabling Person-Centred Team-Based Care is a supplementary paper to AHHA's Healthy People, healthy systems blueprint for health reform. 

The need for integrated, team-based models of care has been promoted for decades, yet the system is still facing challenges in operationalising such models. This paper outlines areas which require sectorwide attention to ensure that person-centred, team-based care is effectively implemented in Australia.

This paper has been developed through substantial consultation with, and input from, AHHA’s Board, broad membership and stakeholders across the hospital, primary and community health sectors—including clinicians, academics, policymakers, administrators and consumers.

Enabling Person-Centred, Team-Based Care - Summary Video

A summary video for AHHA's Enabling Person-Centred Team-Based Care blueprint supplement can be accessed online here