federal election 2019

‘The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association congratulates the Coalition on its return to government, and urges renewed vigour and attention to healt

Election 2019 Holistic view of health and wellbeing

‘Whoever is elected to the next Parliament—to Government, Opposition or Crossbenches—please consider health in any decisions that you make’, asks Alison Verh

Coordinated and integrated care, and innovation graphic

‘Coordinated and integrated healthcare services, tailored to individual patients, are what is needed in healthcare today—not the siloed approaches of yesterd

AHHA Health Policy Assessment 2019

‘The Coalition, Labor and the Greens are equally aligned on two out of our seven domains of health’, says Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AH

Election 2019. No. 4. long-term sustainable funding

Today’s promise by Labor of a $115.6 million investment in health promotion and disease prevention deserves a big tick for refocusing attention on health imp

AHHA's 2019 Federal Election areas of focus

‘We urge Health Minister Greg Hunt and Shadow Minister Catherine King to outline how they are going to get better bang for the health buck at today’s Nationa

2019 Australian Election

Following on the heels of the Greens’ commitment to a universal dental health scheme, Labor’s commitment today to a Pensioner Dental Plan puts oral health fi

Australian Election 2019 — Equity

‘All parties must factor equity into their post-election healthcare plans and promises’, Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association Chief Executive Alis

AHHA's 2019 Federal Election areas of focus

‘Whoever is in government after the May 2019 federal election must provide strong and strategic leadership if we want a fair healthcare system for all Austra

‘Today’s announcement by Labor on its plans for improving health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is a much-needed step-up in commit