Health reform

The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) welcomes the Abbott Government’s decision to dump its co-payment plans for GP visits, but says evidence and broad consultation are needed in the development of alternative health funding policies...

As governments around Australia grapple with health budget challenges, a focus on rationing healthcare is inevitable. Australia already has some well-regarded rationing processes in place, but we can look to international examples to improve current...

The Federal Government’s continuing narrow consultation on Medicare reforms shows that it is not learning its lessons on the unintended and negative consequences of policy driven by politics, not evidence, according to the Australian Healthcare and...


Advanced healthcare systems are moving toward greater efficiency, transparency and accountability, and this trend will continue, particularly in fiscally-constrained environments. There is no single measure that will improve service delivery and patient...

Activity based funding 

National Health Reform tested

  • the results of AHHA's simulation and master class

Recognition and repsonse to clinical deterioration...

Mental health - can reform improve access and support early intervention?

Medicare Locals and the disadvantaged

  • advocates of a social model of health are feeling disappointed


Comparative Advantages

  • The positives of performance reporting 

Where to next?

  • The challenges posed by national health reform

Health reform...

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Think local, act global
 How the National Health Reforms are working in reality, at the local and state level

Baby steps for the NDIS
There's been a lot of talk, but up until now we haven'...

First response
Tackling the future challenges of health reform head-on
Measurement vs Management
What’s the best way to get the most from the health workforce?
Sustainability and healthcare