US Study Tour

Blog Post #5—Alameda Health Consortium—an association of 8 community health centres in Alameda County, California (San Francisco Bay area)

  • Very large and rapid growth in the population served by Alameda Health Consortium inspired them to focus on digital transformation in order to
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Blog Post #3—Portland, Oregon

Oregon Health Authority
We’re tweeting today again from Portland, Oregon where we are learning from the Oregon Health Authority (@OHAOregon) about their work on patient-centred...

Blog Post #2 - Portland, Oregon

  • Jack Cochran and Mike Chase joined the Health Leaders study tour in Oregon. Wide-ranging discussion on health reform experience in the US and Australia.
  • Leadership improvement
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Blog Post #1—the IHI Summit on Improving Patient Care

Lesson 1

Essential assets for population health programs include:...

US Study Tour - Blog Post #10

Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration at Cambridge Health Alliance

All patients at Boston's Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) are screened annually for behavioural...

US Study Tour - Blog Post #9

Walking in the footsteps of patients and staff at Cambridge Health Alliance

Today we walked in the footsteps of patients and staff at Union Square Family Health Center,...

US Study Tour - Blog Post #8

Co-design, community needs assessments and more

Boston-base Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is known internationally for the work it leads on the Triple Aim and...

US Study Tour - Blog Post #7

Shared principles for health care homes

Participants in the US Study Tour worked together this week with US colleagues to identify shared principles which were important in...

US Study Tour - Blog Post #6

Lessons learned from the US medical home experience

Paul Grundy MD is widely acknowledged as one of the founders of the patient-centred medical home movement in the...