Think Tank on Sustainable Funding of Public Hospitals

Submitted on 15/09/2015

Think Tank on Sustainable Funding of Public Hospitals

In an environment of increasing pressure for the funding of public hospitals, coupled with reform of the tax system and in government responsibilities for the delivery of services, the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association held a think tank to explore options to achieve sustainable funding of public hospitals.

This event was organised in the context of the Government’s 2014 15 Budget decision to significantly change how the Commonwealth will contribute to the funding of public hospitals from 2017 18 onwards, in addition to the two White Paper processes currently underway on Reform of the Federation and Reform of Australia’s Tax System.

This Think Tank on Sustainable Funding of Public Hospitals examined topics such as:

  • Should responsibility for the funding of public hospitals rest with only one level of government, the Commonwealth or the States and Territories, and how would this affect the setting of operational targets?
  • Alternative models of financing reflecting the evolving nature of coordinated care and the use of hospitals.
  • How can the financial gains from avoiding preventable hospitalisations and reducing delayed discharges be shared across sectors?

Throughout the day, delegates were challenged with disruptive thinking, alternative models of care and funding, and innovative views. Speakers included:

  • Professor Julie Byles, Director, Research Centre for Gender, Health and Ageing, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Stephen Duckett, Health Program Director, Grattan Institute
  • Professor Nicholas Graves, Queensland University of Technology
  • Suzanne Greenwood, Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Health Australia
  • Susan Killion, Director, Deeble Institute
  • Elizabeth Koff, A/Deputy Secretary, Strategy and Resources, NSW Ministry of Health
  • Michael Pervan, Acting Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services
  • Professor Anthony Scott, Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Tony Sherbon, Ernst and Young
  • Tom Symondson, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Healthcare Association
  • Dr Daniel Valle Gracia, Medical Services Director, Bupa Aged Care
  • Dr Sue Matthews, Chief Executive Officer, The Royal Women's Hospital
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