Toolkits and Resources

In this section you will find links to collaborative publications, toolkits and other resources.

Australian Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration in the Healthcare Sector

The Australian Consensus Statement of Shared Values and Ethical Principles for Collaboration and Interaction Among Organisations in the Healthcare Sector is a sector-led, government-supported initiative developed collaboratively by professional bodies, industry organisations, hospital and health services associations, regulators, patient and advocacy groups and other health related organisations.

Experience Based Co-Design Toolkit

The Experience Based Co-Design Toolkit provides a convenient reference to equip those working in the health sector with the tools and approaches to bring consumers and health workers together in an authentic and equal partnership to co-design care to deliver an improved experience.

Health Sector Advocacy Handbook

This handbook provides a convenient reference to fully inform and equip those working in the health sector to advocate for universal, high quality and affordable healthcare to benefit the whole community.

Leading Change in Primary Care

'Leading Change in Primary Care' has been written for the PHN boards. It draws on the experience of the authors, who were on or associated with the board of the Northern Melbourne Medicare Local (NMML). Their experience is presented alongside existing knowledge and research on the primary health system with the intention of providing a context to inform the strategic decisions the PHN boards will make.