About AHHA

The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) is the independent peak membership body and advocate for the Australian  healthcare system and a national voice for universally accessible, high quality healthcare in Australia. The AHHA is uniquely positioned to facilitate collaboration between clinicians, academics, policy makers, administrators and politicians.

Policy Influence and Representation

Evidence-based service development and implementation

Governance and service improvement support



Policy Influence and Representation

The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) is the only independent national peak body advocating for universal and equitable access to high quality healthcare in Australia.

With 70 years of engagement and experience with the acute, primary and community health sector, the AHHA is an authoritative voice providing:

  • Strong advocacy before Ministers and senior officials
  • An independent respected and knowledgeable voice in the media
  • A valued voice in inquiries and committees.

The AHHA meets regularly with Ministers and senior department officials at the Federal, State and Territory level ensuring that members’ issues can be raised directly with the policy makers.

The AHHA makes submissions to Federal, State and Territory Government reviews and inquiries and regularly appears as a witness before Senate and House of Representatives Committees. 

We represent our members on a range of national and international committees and advisory groups including:  



Evidence-based service development and implementation 

Established in 1946 to ensure higher standards, greater efficiency and improved conditions for patients, the AHHA has made a significant impact on achieving these original objectives, helping to develop a culture of collective responsibility for healthcare. Our collaborative and dynamic approach means AHHA is uniquely positioned to facilitate collaboration between clinicians, academics, policy makers, administrators and politicians.

As a national organisation, AHHA has abilities to deliver benefits for the whole community, evidenced by a myriad of programs, policy, publications and research, all with the goal of ensuring better healthcare for the public.

The AHHA’s broad cross-sector membership and networks support knowledge sharing, service improvement and policy development.  The AHHA regularly hosts roundtable discussions and workshops to explore key current and emerging health sector issues.  These events bring together clinicians, academics, executives and policymakers to support a robust evidence-based examination of the issues and the options and implications for health sector management and service delivery. 

Topics of focus include:

  • opportunities for savings in the health sector
  • public-private contracting
  • enrolment models for primary care
  • Medicare sustainability
  • health sector response to climate change
  • primary care coordination in rural and remote areas

Our events enable members to participate in frank and open discussion on issues affecting their services and organisations.  The opportunity to share insights and learn from others’ experiences is greatly valued by participants.

The Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research was established by the AHHA to bring together policy makers, practitioners and researchers to inform the development of health policy. In collaboration with seven university partners and health service members, the Institute:

  • undertakes rigorous, independent research on important national health policy issues
  • publishes health policy Evidence Briefs and Issue Briefs
  • conducts conferences, seminars, policy think-tanks and workshops
  • helps policymakers, researchers and practitioners connect when they need expert advice.

Focus areas for research are identified in consultation with members and in response to emerging issues. Members can commission research and benefit from access to evidence briefs created by the Deeble Institute.

To support knowledge sharing the AHHA publishes its own respected peer reviewed journal - the Australian Heath Review and a health services magazine - The Health Advocate.


Governance and service improvement support

Pressures to decrease costs while improving services are pervasive in the health sector. AHHA is helping members to meet these challenges by providing access to services including in-house and on-line programs covering governance, clinical practices, workplace behaviours, workplace health and safety, and palliative care.

In partnership with the LEI Group, the AHHA provides training in “Lean” healthcare which delivers direct savings to the service provider and better outcomes for customers and patients. The Lean program consists of four levels; white, yellow, green and black belt, each building on the Lean philosophy of elimination of waste from processes.  Completion of the green and black belt includes implementation of programs that return savings to the organisation valued between $40,000 and $100,000 per annum.

An additional business service for AHHA members is JustHealth Consultants, a national consultancy service exclusively dedicated to supporting Australian healthcare organisations at state, regional, hospital and community levels across all sectors to meet the complex governance and organisational requirements of today’s healthcare system.

Drawing on the AHHA’s comprehensive knowledge of the industry, JustHealth Consultants services are provided by highly competent personnel with expert skills and knowledge in areas including:

  • corporate and clinical governance training
  • strategy and business planning advice
  • organisation design and improvement
  • health services planning and program evaluation
  • Board induction training and reporting
  • Virtual / Serviced office facilities
  • Business Support Services for Not-for Profit's in the Health Sector.