The John Deeble Lecture and Panel Discussion

The John Deeble Lecture and Panel Discussion has been established by the Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research to commemorate the life and achievements of Professor John Deeble, distinguished scholar, health economist and health policy leader, who died on 5 October 2018.

The Lecture and panel discussion provides a platform for policy thought leaders to share their experiences, deep understanding, and reflections on a nationally important health policy issue.

Mr Michael Brennan, Chair Productivity Commission

Towards an integrated workforce

Themed towards an integrated workforce, the 2022 John Deeble Lecture was delivered by Mr Michael Brennan, Chair Productivity Commission, who considered the health workforce related policy measures that are required to ensure the most appropriate workforce to meet prevailing needs.

The 2022 Panel Discussion reflected on the Deeble Lecture and discussed how to advance health workforce policy in Australia.

Panel members included:

Mr Michael Pervan

Secretary, Department of Communities, Tasmania Health

Ms Yasmin King

CEO Skills IQ and AHHA Board member

Professor Lisa Nissen

Director Health Workforce Optimisation, University of Queensland

Associate Professor Paul Burgess

General Practitioner and Systems & Sector Lead, NT Health

Professor Nigel Edwards, Chief Executive Nuffield Trust

Why good policy goes bad

The inaugural John Deeble Lecture, held in 2019, was delivered by Professor Nigel Edwards, Chief Executive Nuffield Trust, who considered some of the more common dysfunctions in policy formation and implementation and the reasons why good policy goes bad. Nigel also offered possible solutions for how policy makers, researchers and managers can develop more productive ways of working together.

The panel discussion reflected on the complexities of the health system and the way we manage and set health policy in Australia. The event was moderated by the Deeble Institute Advisory Board Chair, Professor Johanna Westbrook. The flagship event, held at the Australian Parliament House, was attended by over 140 public sector leaders, health executives and academics.

Panel members included:

Panel members have been recognised for their contribution to advancing Australia’s health through policy reforms; and included:

The Hon Nicola Roxon

Former Australian Health Minister

Professor Ian Frazer

University of Queensland

Commissioner Romlie Mokak

Productivity Commission

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