Policy briefs

Deeble Institute Health Policy Briefs​

Deeble Institute Health Policy Briefs are designed to help policymakers who need to quickly find out what evidence exists in a topic area, how compelling it is, and what the implications might be when using it to develop health policies.

Issues Briefs

Deeble Institute Issues Briefs are easy to read, objective papers that look at a topical health policy issue, synthesise the research evidence and recommend a way forward. 

Evidence Briefs

Deeble Institute Evidence Briefs draw on academic literature, synthesising the available evidence and highlighting what the implications might be when using it to develop health policies. They also provide a list of key readings for those who need to know more.

Perspectives Briefs

Deeble Institute Perspective Briefs are designed to provide health leaders, policymakers and health practitioners with personal and business insights on a particular area of health practice or health management.

Why write a Health Policy Issues Brief?​

Making time to write a Deeble Institute Health Policy Brief means that your knowledge and insights might influence debates and inform policymaking. With some minor modifications, Health Policy Briefs can also be submitted to a journal and considered for publication as a perspective or debate article.


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