Chief Executives

1946                    Sir Norman Paul (Sydney) and J. Beacham Kiddle (Melbourne) (Honorary Secretaries)

1947                    Dr H.O. Selle (Sydney) and Colonel R.E.Fanning (Melbourne) (Honorary Secretaries)

1956                    Dr S. Hatfield (Honorary Federal Secretary)

1958-1967           Dr Edgar Thompson (Honorary Federal Secretary)

1967-1974          Mr Royce H. Kronborg (Honorary Federal Secretary - Executive Vice President)

1974-1980          Mr Trevor Elligett (first salaried National Director)

1980-1987          Dr Errol Pickering (National Director)

1987-1989          Dr John Morris (National Director)

1989-1990          Mr Peter Read (National Director)

1991-1997          Mr Peter Baulderstone (National Director)

1997-1998          Prof Donald Hindle (National Director)

1998-2002          Mr Mark Cormack (National Director)

2002-2013          Ms Prue Power (Director/Chief Executive)

2013-2021          Ms Alison Verhoeven (Chief Executive)

2021-present      Mr John Gregg (Chief Executive)