Deeble Institute Membership

Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research

Why join the Deeble Institute?

The Deeble Institute’s vision is to improve the networks and collaborations amongst researchers, practitioners and policymakers, both nationally and internationally, to make evidence the cornerstone for the development of health policy and practice.

Deeble members are academic or research focused full members of the AHHA, who agree to collaborate with the Deeble Institute to further our program of health policy research.

Practically we will achieve this by:

Sharing your work with policy makers and practitioners

We invite members to share their research with the Deeble Institute and leverage opportunities to demonstrate the impact of their research nationally, through the development of Evidence or Issues Briefs, proactive sharing amongst relevant policymakers and practitioners, publishing articles, hosting events, and disseminating details in the Deeble Institute and Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) newsletters.

Building relationships

The Deeble Institute focus on proactively bringing together the Deeble Institute partners with practitioners and policy makers to collectively impact health policy.

We do this by:

  • Continuing to develop and leverage influential partnerships, both nationally and internationally, with universities, state / territory and federal governments, peak and professional organisations, Local Hospital Networks (or equivalent), Primary Health Networks, the private sector, driving connectedness across system and timely sharing of information. In particular, we will draw on the broad base of the AHHA’s membership to build relationships and to support the communication of member research.
  • Hosting regular Think Tanks, seminars, workshops and by-invitation only events, providing further opportunity for academics to present their work and network with other interested parties to impact the development of health policy nationally.

Informing evidence based policy

We aspire to lead the exchange and translation of knowledge for health policy and practice and achieve this by:

  • Sharing opportunities for funded evidence-based commissioned research projects on important national health policy challenges.
  • Continuing the Summer Scholarship Program that provides postgraduate students the opportunity to undertake funded work alongside policymakers.
  • Continuing to offer the short course on Knowledge Translation and Exchange and Implementation which will assist academic researchers in making their work more accessible and useful to policymakers and practitioners. Members of the Deeble Institute are full members of the AHHA, and are entitled to access all AHHA membership benefits, including participation in the AHHA Council, weekly AHHA member updates on the national health policy environment, and subscription to the AHHA’s academic journal, the Australian Health Review. Membership options are offered at University, Faculty, Institute and Individual levels.


For all membership enquiries, and to become a member of the Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research, contact us.