We undertake rigorous, independent research on important national health policy problems with our academic partners and health service members. To make better health policy, we believe that the research agenda needs to be driven by academics as well as by policymakers and health service providers. We do a combination of commissioned and academic research.

Commissioned research

We do research commissioned directly by governments and non-government organisations. To date, we have completed projects on a range of topics including:

            • social marketing in health care
            • the utilisation of health call centres
            • modelling alternative referral pathways for access to specialist care
            • nursing workforce trends
            • aboriginal community controlled health organisations, and
            • renal disease among Aboriginal people.

We also have a number of projects currently underway.

Academic research

Academic research has the potential to dramatically transform health policy and practice. To realise this potential, researchers need to build in a plan for knowledge exchange that starts at the outset; it is too late to think about it once the project is done.

We work with our academic partners to design and conduct research with a strong focus on knowledge exchange and research translation. We have a number of projects in development and underway, on topics such as:

            • contracting between the public and private hospital sectors
            • sustainability in healthcare
            • healthcare acquired infections
            • antibiotic resistance.

Academic research programs

The Deeble Institute is committed to supporting early career researchers by helping them develop skills in knowledge exchange and research translation. Our six-week Summer Research Scholarship program supports talented postgraduate tertiary students. Our Research-Policy Partnership Program creates an opportunity for academic researchers to apply their research in a contemporary policymaking environment.

Ideas for research

If you are interested in commissioning research from the Deeble Institute and its academic partners, or proposing a collaborative project, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact details:

Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research
T: 02 6162 0780