eJourneys into Healthcare

Study tours have long been an important tool to support learning from the experiences of others. COVID-19 may be preventing study tours from taking place in the traditional manner at the moment but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from the world’s most innovative care organisations. In partnership with Dialog Health, AHHA will take you around the world to learn from the best in our exclusive video study tours: the eJourneys.

Each eJourney contains:

  • 60+ minutes of e-Learning videos, presented by world-class care providers through a step-by-step guide into their most insightful cases
  • 20+ pages of workbook materials, including recaps of key lessons and practical tools to assist you in your learning
  • 2 hours live mentoring with experts, you can request live mentoring sessions focused on developing your projects

Learn at your own pace, revisit videos and lessons, get mentored and from the safety and comfort of your desk, learn from the best.

Discount group rates are available for organisations that would like to enrol in groups. Please visit https://ahha.thinkific.com/ for more information. 

The French Alzheimer's Village : Reshaping Dementia Care

Country: France

Field: Dementia Care

Type of innovation: Dementia Village Model

In our first eJourney you can enjoy all that France has to offer as you explore the Village Landais Alzheimer’s. The Village's founding director Francis Lacoste will show you through De Hogeweyk in the Netherlands, the world's first Dementia Village and his inspiration for the Village Landais. You will hear the challenges and lessons they learned as they replicated this model into the French aged care system.

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AOI Care: Community-based Dementia Care (Japan)

Country: Japan

Type of Innovation: Organisational

Travel virtually to Japan to explore the confinement-free dementia care model of AOI Care. Mr. Tadasuke Kato, an awarded expert and the founder of AOI Care, will guide you through some of the key benefits and best practice processes they have used in their in community-based dementia care. 

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iZi Experience Home (Netherlands)

Location: The Hague, Netherlands

Type of Innovation: Technologies for Aging in Place

In this eJourney, you will visit The Hague in the Netherlands to explore the iZi Experience Home, the internationally awarded living lab promoting innovations that help older adults to live longer and healthier in their own homes. 

The managers Nicole Menke and Christiane Wüstkamp, as well as project volunteers, will guide you through the key benefits and best practices of iZi's pioneer "smart and warm" approach.

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Pennemes (Netherlands)

Location: Zaandam, Netherlands

Type of Innovation: Green Innovations

Head over to Zaandam, Netherlands to explore Pennemes, an aged care organisation promoting green innovations that help older adults living healthier and happier. You will be guided through the key benefits and best practices of adopting nature-based (green) innovations on aged care.

Get on board this eJourney with Dr. Rutger De Graaf, the Innovation Advisor of Pennemes and Het Mennistenerf, and other key stakeholders of this model.

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Value-based healthcare: Good practices from Europe

This half-day pre-recorded digital conference examines value-based payment models from the Netherlands, Germany and France. It is followed by an exclusive virtual study tour of OptiMedis AG, a German company that supports the development of value-based healthcare in Germany.

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