AHHA Membership

Image highlighting the different membership base, which includes people of a diverse range of ages, professions and backgrounds

AHHA Membership

AHHA membership is open to any organisation whose aims or activities are connected with:

  • the provision of public and not-for-profit hospital or healthcare services
  • the improvement of healthcare, or
  • the supply of goods and services to public and not-for-profit hospitals or healthcare services

AHHA members include public and not-for-profit hospitals, community and primary healthcare services. Universities and other educational organisations offering courses or undertaking research in relevant healthcare related fields, peak bodies and associations representing the interests of Australia’s universal healthcare system and individuals who are practitioners, employees within a relevant health field or bona fide students in a relevant field of health-related study are also welcome to join AHHA.

Why become a member?

AHHA members represent all sectors of the Australian public and not-for-profit health system advocating for universal, high quality and affordable healthcare to benefit all Australians.

Membership provides the opportunity to join this community of health sector thought leaders as they grow and shape Australia's health system and gives access to a wide range of services and resources designed to help meet the challenges of this rapidly evolving sector.

Membership benefits include:

Our members also have access to the services provided by our academic research arm, The Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research.

Special offer! New membership taken out between now and 1 July 2021 will be valid until 30 June 2022 - providing free bonus months!

To become a member, follow the links below:

Full Membership

Full Members are individuals and organisations most closely associated with the activities of the AHHA. Full membership includes representation on the AHHA Council, the governing body which elects the board and sets the strategic direction for the AHHA and includes the opportunity to be closely involved with the development of submissions to government and other advocacy activities.

Full membership of an organisation also allows all staff to access member benefits such as access to discounted events and training.

There are 3 categories of full organisational members based on the gross operating expenditure (GOE) of the organisation. A multi-organisation membership is also available for up to 5 related organisations that are funded under a single overarching budget.

Academic or research focused individuals or organisations can add membership of the Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research to their full membership by agreeing to collaborate with the Deeble Institute to further our program of health policy research.

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Supporter and Personal Membership

Supporters are organisations that receive discounted access to events and training for all their staff and free access to webinars, job ads and event listings but are less involved with the day to day work and advocacy of the AHHA.

Personal Members receive discounted access to events and training including free access to webinars. Personal plus members also receive access to the Australian Health Review journal. Personal membership of AHHA is open to all individuals who are interested in the work of the AHHA and the future of Australia's universal healthcare system.

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Membership Inclusions

Members receive a range of member benefits including the following: