AHHA Membership

Image highlighting the different membership base, which includes people of a diverse range of ages, professions and backgrounds

"All Australians, no matter where they live or what they earn, should have access to the best possible healthcare."

AHHA welcomes all individuals and organisations committed to a vision of a healthy Australia, supported by the best possible healthcare system, to join the Association. Membership of AHHA provides access to a broad range of events, research and services and supports our work in ensuring healthcare in Australia is effective, accessible, equitable, sustainable and outcomes-focused. 



Why become a member?

AHHA membership provides the opportunity to join a community of health sector thought leaders as they grow and shape Australia's health system and gives access to a wide range of services and resources designed to help meet the challenges of this rapidly evolving sector.

Membership benefits include:

Our members also have access to the services provided by our academic research arm, The Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research.

A full list of member benefits is included in the table below. 

Membership options

AHHA offers a range of membership types, which support different levels of engagement with the Association. If you are not sure which membership type suits you, please contact secretariat@ahha.asn.au

  • Full membership: Available to both organisations and individuals, this provides the opportunity to closely engage with the activities of the Association. Full membership includes representation on the AHHA Council, the governing body which elects the board and sets the strategic direction for the AHHA and includes the opportunity to be closely involved with the development of submissions to government and other advocacy activities.
  • Supporter membership: Provides discounted access to events and training for organisations including free access to webinars, job ads and event listings. Supporter members are less involved with the day to day work and advocacy of the AHHA.
  • Personal membership (personal basic and personal plus): receive discounted access to events and training including free access to webinars. Personal plus members also receive access to the Australian Health Review journal. Personal membership of AHHA is open to all individuals who are interested in the work of the AHHA and the future of Australia's universal healthcare system.



Membership Inclusions

Members receive a range of member benefits including the following:

Special member benefits

We have partnered with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to deliver the AHHA x BCG Value-Based Health Care Global Insights Seminar Series. Featuring six seminars and 10+ local and international speakers, this series will examine different aspects of VBHC including organisational change, procurement and tech enablers. This series is FREE for AHHA members (excluding Personal Basic Members). Email communications@ahha.asn.au for your discount code. 

Personal Basic Members receive a 10% discount. Email communications@ahha.asn.au for your discount code.