Palliative Care Online Training

This training will not be available after 30 June 2017 when Australian Government funding for this program ceases. We encourage those who have registered for training to complete the course as soon as possible before 30 June.

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Whether you work in aged care, acute or primary care, chances are you’ll find yourself at some stage caring for someone with a terminal illness.

Every person’s needs are unique and sorting your way through the emotional and social stresses faced by a dying person and their family can be difficult.

Our online training program has been developed to help health professionals who provide palliative care to aged persons in the community. The modules will help you develop your skills and confidence, so that the next person you care for at the end of their life will benefit.

Based on the “Guidelines for a Palliative Approach for Aged Care in the Community Setting,” four online modules have been developed to help you to:

    Reflect on the needs of people and their families as they approach the end of life
    Build your screening and assessment skills
    Develop confidence in having end of life conversations, especially around Advance Care Planning
    Invest in your own self‑care and build resilience
    Connect you to a wider network of experts who can support and assist you.

The training has been developed in accordance with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care's The National Consensus Statement: Essential Elements for Safe and High-Quality End-of-Life Care. The consensus statement can be accessed here


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