Palliative Care Online Training

Palliative Care Online Training - Module 8

Palliative Care Online Training

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Whether you work or volunteer in aged care, acute or primary care, chances are you’ll find yourself at some stage caring for someone with a terminal illness. Every person’s needs are unique and sorting your way through the emotional and social stresses faced by a dying person and their family can be difficult. The Palliative Care Online Training Portal offers free non-clinical interactive training for carers, community and aged care workers, students, volunteers, family members and clinicians who want to build their skills in caring for someone with a life-limiting illness.

Over 71,000 people have undertaken the Portal’s high-quality training to date and user evaluations indicate that more than 80% of users identify as being more confident in their ability to deliver best-practice palliative care services following completion of the training. Based on the palliAGED online resource, the Palliative Care Online Training Portal consists of seven training modules and an extensive resource library, covering topics such as:

  • The needs of people and their families as they approach end-of-life.
  • Assessment skills.
  • End-of-life conversations.
  • Self-care and building resilience.
  • Pain management.
  • Recognising deteriorating patients.
  • Caring for diverse population groups.

The modules are written in plain English and use interactive activities, video case studies and easy-to-understand examples that enable participants from all backgrounds to build skills and confidence in palliative care.