2013-2014 AHHA Federal Budget Submission

The following paper outlines eight critical issues of current concern to AHHA members and stakeholders in these sectors. Our members strongly believe that additional Commonwealth
Government funding in these areas will enhance their capacity to deliver quality services to the community and ensure greater viability and sustainability in these areas. It is strongly recommended
that the Government consider funding these important initiatives in its 2013‐14 Budget.

  1. Social Determinants of Health
  2. National Health Reform
  3. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Cardiovascular Care
  4. Oral and Dental health
  5. Refugee Employment in the Health Services Program
  6. Ambulance Access
  7. greening the Health Sector
  8. National Postgraduate Nurse Program and Nurse Graduate Support Teams
  9. A National Arts in Health Program
  10. A Sustainable Future for Multi-Purpose Services