Sidney Sax Medal

The Sidney Sax Medal is awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the development and improvement of the Australian healthcare system in the field of health services policy, organisation, delivery and research (excluding clinical research).

About Sidney Sax


2022 Prof Sue Kurrle

2021 Prof Jeffrey Braithwaite

2020 Ms Patricia Turner & ANU Bushfire Impact Working Group

2019 Ms Vicki Wade

2018 Dr Paul Scown

2017 Mr Jeff Cheverton

2016 Prof Helena Britt

2015 Prof Len Notaras

2014 Prof Judith Dwyer

2013 Mr John Smith

2012 Prof Andrew Wilson

2011 Adj/Prof Mick Reid

2010 Ms Gilian Biscoe

2009 Prof Stephen Leeder

2008 Prof Bill Runciman

2007 Dr David Filby

2006 Prof Bruce Barraclough

2005 Prof Brendon Kearney

2004 Prof Helen Lapsley

2003 Prof Stephen Duckett

2002 Dr Jack Sparrow

2001 Dr John Mulligan

2000 Dr David Watson

1999 Mr Ronald Tindale

1997 Dr Owen Curteis

1996 Dr John Yu

1995 Dr Rex Joyner

1994 Dr John Deeble

1993 Mr Allan Hughes

1992 Dr Diana Horvath

1991 Prof John Blandford

1990 Dr Bernard Amos

1988 Dr Ian Brand

1987 Dr Donald Child

1986 Prof James Lawson