Health reform

The Health Advocate - November 2020

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A growing number of healthcare organisations are embarking on a Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) journey, and research exploring success factors to implementation provides encouraging insights. As Australia considers the potential of VBHC as a new...

‘Our nation’s experience in tackling the challenges of COVID-19 provides a catalyst for re-imagining healthcare’, says Alison Verhoeven, Chief Executive of t

‘The rapid uptake of telehealth during COVID-19 has highlighted the opportunities offered by virtual health care technologies’, says Alison Verhoeven, Austra

‘Let’s re-imagine healthcare—and start by working together to produce outcomes that matter to patients’, says Dr Deborah Cole, retiring Chair of the Board of

This paper explores equity in the context of value-based health care strategies and health care reforms currently being implemented or considered in Australia. It draws on international experience and research and proposes matters for more detailed...

‘Right now is the time for the Australian Government to expand the availability of telehealth services by lifting all current restrictions on its use’, says

‘It really is time to change the game in health to reward outcomes for patients using best value-for-money healthcare’, says Australian Healthcare and Hospit