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Our Mission:

The provision of quality, affordable consultancy services to the AHHA membership and more broadly across the health sector.

Who we are:

The AHHA launched JustHealth Consultants as a consultancy service to support Australian healthcare organisations at national, state, regional hospital and community levels across all sectors to meet complex governance and organisational requirements of today’s healthcare system. JHC provides clients with access to a pool of highly experienced and talented individuals, both from the AHHA’s staff and our extensive database of consultants. This group includes those with clinical, managerial, policy and research backgrounds and includes former heads of hospitals and health departments, academic experts and many with extensive international expertise. This range of skills and expertise gives AHHA the flexibility to create extremely targeted teams with specific skills sets as required for each individual client or activity which are capable of delivering the highest quality outcomes in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Through JHC’s connection to the wider AHHA membership and stakeholder base, our consultants are in the unique position to draw upon a considerable portion of the Australian healthcare system for input, consultation and piloting in the development of new policies, programs and projects.

Contact us:

Lisa Robey, AHHA Engagement and Business Director


(P) 02 6162 0780

JustHealth Services Examples:

The below are but a few examples of the services offered by AHHA and Just Health Consultants. JHC is ISO9001 accredited and all projects are governed by AHHA’s rigorous quality assurance policies and procedures. This, along with our focus on client needs ensures that projects delivered by JHC are delivered on time, on budget to highly satisfied clients.


Corporate and Clinical Governance

Strong corporate and clinical governance methodologies, processes and practices are vital in today’s environment. JHC’s consultants possess significant expertise in clinical governance and can provide a wide range of services from facilitated forums to develop shared principles, to creating a shared clinical governance frameworks that enable effective sharing and controls across a multi-disciplinary teams or for commissioning bodies not directly responsible for the provision of clinical care.

Economic Analysis

With health services under increasing funding pressure, cost-benefit and economic analysis can be key in assessing the viability of services. JHCs team includes health economists who are able to bring together economic models that analyse the impact and outcomes of models of care and modes of funding to create recommendations on a sound base of evidence.


From board meetings, to strategic planning days, workshops and conferences, our skilled facilitators can work with you to build consensus, generate momentum and create engagement. JHC facilitators bring not just facilitation skills but in-depth subject matter knowledge that helps to shed new light on issues and creates productive discussion.

Policy and Program Review

JHC leverages its access to experts and extensive understanding of the Australian health sector to conduct rigorous policy and program reviews. We utilise a systematic approach to policy and program review encompassing thorough consideration of the service context, deep knowledge of the funding environment, understanding drivers and impediments and seeking to provide areas for improvement.

Quality Improvement

Quality improvement projects come in many shapes and sizes, from focus on internal procedures to staff training, external relationships and more. The JHC team works with many of our clients to improve quality through activities such as undertaking Lean Healthcare training, reviewing and optimising processes and building strong team structures.

Review and Evaluation

The health sector is a complex, rapidly changing environment with significant requirements for effective review and evaluation of projects, programs, policies and processes. JHC is able to bring both academic rigour and detailed health sector knowledge to provide insightful, evidence-based reviews or evaluations. Depending on the review or evaluation type, we bring a range of approaches to ensure that any recommendations made are robust, evidence-based and reflect best-practice.

Stakeholder Engagement

Whether it be understanding a need, creating momentum for change, building consensus or generating insight, JHCs team can work with you to build and execute strong stakeholder engagement strategies. We regularly develop custom surveys, facilitate focus groups and create engagement methodologies that enable our clients to engage with their stakeholders in a meaningful way.

Strategy and Business Planning Advice

As health services face ever greater funding pressures, it is important that business structures and strategies are optimised to enable the delivery of services in a manner that is viable in the long-term. JHCs team includes experienced business executives who can work to develop practical, sustainable business structures that support organisations to focus on the delivery of health services.

Training Development

AHHA’s in-house subject matter experts, in partnership with our extensive consultant network are uniquely positioned to develop and deliver high-quality, evidence-based training content, for application in a multitude of methodologies including, but not limited to, face-to-face learning, online training platforms and webinars.