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Our Mission:

The provision of quality, affordable consultancy services to the AHHA membership and more broadly across the health sector.

Who we are:

The AHHA launched JustHealth Consultants as a consultancy service to support Australian healthcare organisations at national, state, regional hospital and community levels across all sectors to meet complex governance and organisational requirements of today’s healthcare system. JHC provides clients with access to a pool of highly experienced and talented individuals, both from the AHHA’s staff and our extensive database of consultants. This group includes those with clinical, managerial, policy and research backgrounds and includes former heads of hospitals and health departments, academic experts and many with extensive international expertise. This range of skills and expertise gives AHHA the flexibility to create extremely targeted teams with specific skills sets as required for each individual client or activity which are capable of delivering the highest quality outcomes in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Through JustHealth Consultants connection to the wider AHHA membership and stakeholder base, our consultants are in the unique position to draw upon a considerable portion of the Australian healthcare system for input, consultation and piloting in the development of new policies, programs and projects.

JustHealth Consultants is ISO9001 accredited and all projects are governed by AHHA’s rigorous quality assurance policies and procedures.

Contact us:

Kylie Woolcock, AHHA Policy Director


(P) 02 6162 0780