Experience based co-design toolkit

Experience based co-design toolkit

1 December 2017

The Experience Based Co-Design Toolkit provides a convenient reference to equip those working in the health sector with the tools and approaches to bring consumers and health workers together in an authentic and equal partnership to co-design care to deliver an improved experience. It was first published in December 2017.

If your organisation requires additional assistance to undertake co-design, AHHA has an experienced team who can support you. Additionally, please find downloadable attachments to the toolkit components.

Experience based co-design toolkit

Tool 1: startup workshop summary template

Tool 2: planning workshops template

Tool 3: codesigning vision template

Tool 4: patient stories information sheet and consent form

Tool 5: experience based survey template

Tool 6: meeting agendas

Tool 7: explore patient journey mapping template

Tool 8: explore patient journey mapping improvement opportunities

Tool 9: touchpoint development template

Tool 10: stakeholder needs table template

Tool 11: stakeholder needs table benefits template

Tool 12: persona checklist

Tool 13: SWIFT ideas template

Tool 14: prototyping feedback capture grid

Tool 15: prototyping I wish template

Tool 16: experience improvement sheet

Tool 17: group action template

Tool 18: group individual action template

Tool 19: celebration event powerpoint template

Tool 20: the biggest difference template

Tool 21: service blueprints service structure template

Tool 22: service blueprint future improvements

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